Partnering With the Right Healthcare Providers is Critical

Renaissance Physicians offers a provider-owned, comprehensive network of 1,300 primary care physicians and specialists throughout the greater Houston area, caring for more than 36,000 patients.

Find out how you can offer the Renaissance Physicians network to your members.

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Reduced Healthcare Costs

Renaissance Physicians’ unique care model allows providers to care for patients and help them stay ahead of potential conditions. This translates into healthier members, fewer required medical procedures, and fewer hospital stays.

In-Patient Care Managers

While in the hospital, members will have an In-Patient Care Manager from Renaissance Physicians to coordinate care and create a discharge plan to ease the transition home. This specialized physician works closely with the hospital, health plans and the primary care physicians or specialists to create and execute the right plan for each patient.

Attention to Prevention

We will work with members of your plan to stay informed and up-to-date on screenings and preventative care that can dramatically decrease the cost of healthcare for the patient in the future.

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